Barbie Dreamhouse Playset Review


Barbie Dreamhouse Playset : The craze for Barbie and her exotic new crashpads never flames out, right? Buy your little girl the Barbie Dreamhouse.

The playset is truly lavish. From modern amenities to chic accessories, the Barbie Dreamhouse is a dream playset for girls who adore all things Barbie.

The cool new house will fly off the market sooner than you think. So, plan your purchase quick.

Did you know that Barbie’s fancy new abode is completely furnished? The playset is rightly gripping for your little one.

She will certainly have her hands full decking up a ton of outdoor play areas and indoor lounges in Barbie’s pretty home. Kids too, love making castles in the air.

Give your little one’s fantasy and creativity the much-needed wings. Setting up the Barbie Dreamhouse is pretty imaginative.

Wondering if the Barbie Dreamhouse Playset is a hot seller in Christmas 2021?

Undoubtedly yes! Kids have a pleasant time exploring the rooms in Barbie’s newest abode. Of course, the young ones can indulge in custom-designing the rooms according to their liking.

Product Features:

Barbie’s exotic abode houses everything from a swimming pool and elevator to a swanky couch and hammock swings.

It truly is 3 floors of excitement, fun, and pretty places. Barbie walks into a living room that’s furnished with a leading-edge flat-screen television, a beautiful fireplace, and a fascinating pink couch.

Does your kid have a soft corner for pets? Barbie too adores the cute pets. There’s a pretty fish tank, a dog house, a plate to dish out pet food, a pet bed, and of course, figurines of cats and dogs.

Impressed already? It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Barbie’s Dreamhouse Playset comes with 75 striking storytelling pieces.

Product Details:

1. The dream abode is pretty big in size. It is 43 inches in height and 41 inches wide.

2. Some of the dreamy highlights in Barbie’s house are a fancy working elevator, a richly slide expanding into a pool, a balcony rigged out beautifully with a hammock swing, a fun DJ booth, and a pretty area for the pups to play and frolic.

3. Barbie can sit back in an elegant outdoor rooftop deck and carouse with friends. Wondering how will a kid pull up the dolls upstairs?

Make use of the elevator of course. The elevator can carry as many as 4 dolls. Much thought has been put into the engineering of Barbie’s fancy Dreamhouse There’s a wheelchair-accessible elevator positioned on the second floor.

4. Young ones can enjoy customizing and tweaking the designs of Barbie’s Dreamhouse. For instance, the grass lawn can be rearranged. The pools can be set up in multiple places. Sadly, the slide best fits into two locations.

5. Children can toggle with songs, color options, light settings, and sound effects. Bringing the scenes into being with true-blue sound effects amps up the playtime experience by notches.

Kids can switch on the party mode and take pleasure in merrymaking along with barbie or switch to a night mode to recline in ease.

6. The storytelling pieces are too good to be unreal. The soft cozy blanket, grass that’s real-like and soft, contemporary decor, and modern-day furnishing are relatable.

Didn’t you think that Barbie loves to chow down delicious food? There’s a BBQ grill stationed for use. Flip it and you will be wowed with a lush dessert buffet. Don’t let the exorbitant 3-story Barbie Dreamhouse slip off your hands. Get one for the sprightly young girl.

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