Baby Alive Glo Pixies Doll Review


Baby Alive Glo Pixies Doll : Didn’t you crave cuddling a doll that was pretty real and reciprocal back in the day? Sadly,

the Baby Alive Glo Pixies Doll wasn’t up for grabs then. Buy your munchkin the Glo Pixies Gigi Glimmer on Christmas.

The Pixies Doll is no ordinary play stuff. This doll shines and glows the more it is loved and caressed. Your starry-eyed kid can have a fun time combing her hair, tending Gigi, and feeding her well. Did you know that Gigi Glimmer is designed to communicate with the young one?

Don’t wait up to buy the Glo Pixies Doll for later. Forget big fat discounts! The doll flies off the shelves sooner than you think.

Shoppers are on their toes, bagging exquisite gifts for their loved ones. Did you forget that popular toys are Christmas hot sellers too? Gigi Glimmer is on the wishlist of most young girls.

It is certainly no secret that spirited parents have their eyes hooked on when Gigi hits the shelves.

Baby Alive is a kid-favorite for n number of reasons. Wondering what features set Gigi apart from other Pixies dolls? Take a look!

1. A glowing figurine

It is a no-brainer that the Glo Pixies Gigi Glimmer sparkles and glows like no other dolls. What’s more? Gigi shines in a bunch of colors. Tap the butterfly button in the doll and she will be vibrant and glowy in one color. Act as if you are feeding pretty Gigi. The doll will be gleaming in a different color.

Your fairy daughter will have a rocking time figuring how else Gigi glows and in what hues. Baby Alive is not about a pretty-faced doll that’s dressed in glad rags. The toy really glows.

2. Can you miss the exclusive Pixie print?

Special pixie prints on Gigi’s cheeks are no introduction. It is truly the trademark sign of Glo Pixie dolls. Gigi’s hair though, is vibrant and blue. Why just a pretty face? Pixie’s radiance is eye-catching. Certainly not a miss is the sparkly trendy accessories for Gigi Glimmer. She is a fashionista and kids have a cheerful time dolling up Gigi.



3. The snack accessory and cup add to the glow

Wondering what could make the doll all shiny and beaming? Also, what color does Gigi radiate? The doll thing is far from the ordinary. If Gigi Glimmer pretends to snack upon her shimmery cookie, she will glow up. Munchkins trying to play-feed Gigi into drinking from her very own glittery cup can watch the Pixie doll glow.


4. Baby Alive Glo Pixies doll is very interactive

The shiny glow in Gigi Glimmer is the most talked-about feature. Will you be surprised to know that Gigi interacts too? Of course, she lights up from different parts like her tummy, mouth, or wings. But, Gigi makes sounds that fascinate young kids. The doll is exclusively tailored to make 20 very realistic sound effects.

Your baby’s Gigi giggles, slurps, and even babbles. Wouldn’t your little one be thrilled to have a doll that communicates in the way she does?

Dressed in a fantasy-inspired frock with striking blue hair, making sounds like a real-life toddler is a hard pass. Don’t you agree? Buy this amazing Baby Alive Glo Pixies Gigi Glimmer for your munchkin on Xmas.

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