WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder Review


Catching fairies is no longer a fantasy. The WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder keeps the little munchkin busy housing fairies. Surprised to hear of a Fairy Finder jar? The toy surely is dreamy and magical. Children enjoy making pies in the sky and cooking up fairy stories. Is your little one an admirer of fairies too? Get the WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder for the young one. The thrill of having a magical jar that catches fairies in a snap is too good to be true.

You don’t need to carry your child to picturesque places to pop the pretty fairies in the jar. The little one can have a fun time catching fairies in the bedroom or kitchen. Ever heard a fairy speak? The toy will amaze you in the most unthinkable ways. It is no secret that kids have an unspoken but solid bond with fairies. The WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder makes fantasy a reality. Did you know that the fairies in the jar talk? The toy is everything that makes young ones jump with joy and feel pleasurable.

Product features:

A fairy finding jar is quite unheard of. Pretty much a reason why the unique toy sells out quicker than you think. Little ones have a gala time watching the jar glow and radiate while catching fairies. There are many more striking features that make Glot2Glow Fairy Finder a big hit among kids.

  1. There is no end to spotting fairies

Your day could fly off in a blink catching fairies. The magical fairies are pretty much at your fingertips. From your bedroom and kitchen to the outdoor porch or a meadow elsewhere, fairies are everywhere. The frolic around finding a fairy is endless. Kids can toggle the Fairy Finder for hours and never be bored of it.

  1. A magical home for the dreamy fairies

Wondering which fairy will fly into your glowy jar? Little did you know that you could house the rarest of pixies too. The cute heart lid on the jar is the doorway for the virtual fairies to fly in. Kids surely have a good time playing the game. The more children play, the more fairies are drawn into flying in the jar. Little ones can share their collected fairies with their friends.

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder is designed with top-notch features like a microphone, an LCD screen, a light sensor, and more. To switch the pretty fairies with other kids, tap on the trading mode, and bring the lids of the jars to touch. It is a good way to amp up one’s fairy collection.

  1. Fairies that speaks and loves

Owning a fairy house with fairies in it is spellbinding already. But, WowWee surprises kids with tons more. Could a kid beat the thrill of having a fairy BFF? The fairies sheltered in the jar talks too. Open the heart lid and say ‘Hello.’ A fairy will greet the kid will a warm hello too. There’s more… young ones can love the fairies and not be shy of kissing and hugging the amazing pixies.


  1. Partner up with fairies to play a game

Be an eye to the fairy and navigate the fairy to float through the clouds without a bump. The more your fairy soars, the more you win some scores.

Putting the WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder into play is quite easy. Download the app to help kids stay on top of their game and get schooled about some interesting and fun facts on fairies. The fairy finder wins the hearts of kids. Buy the toy today!



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