Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll Review


Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll : Is your toddler obsessed with JJ? CoComelon, the kid’s show is a big hit among all preschoolers. Dropping hot this Christmas is JJ. Didn’t you think there would be spinoff toys, inspired by the show?

Little did you know that the pre-orders have kicked in and JJ is much in craze. Don’t leave your munchkin hanging high and dry without a JJ doll to play with. Book the doll today!

Wondering if forking out on a JJ doll is worth the money or hype? The doll is not a regular figurine kids amuse themselves with. This JJ is interactive. Tap JJ’s tummy and it will giggle. Will you be surprised if JJ snack on peas? Buying the Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll for your little one is more like bringing home the fun, frolic, and adorable character to life. JJ could definitely be your child’s beloved BFF.

Product Details:

The JJ Doll is already a holiday season hot seller, way before it hits the market. Not sure how? Well, the features of the interactive doll are spilled and are quite mindblowing. Let’s give you a sneak peek at the fancy toy:

1. CoComelon spawns the creation of interactive JJ

What brought the interactive JJ on boards? No points for guessing! The toy draws inspiration from JJ, the kid-favorite character in CoComelon. The series is a whopping hit and so is JJ. All youngsters are ga ga about JJ.

2. Help JJ snack

Get your kids crafty and enjoy a fun time feeding JJ. Yes, the doll does munch on peas when hungry. Not literally though. But, kids are tricked into believing that JJ really gobbles down the peas. The smart interactive doll is packed along with a couple of accessories. When JJ is starving, the peas on the spoon disappears.

Don’t miss JJ’s trendy attire though!

3. Sounds that make the doll realistic

The preschooler favorite doesn’t just hog. JJ reciprocates and makes a bunch of sounds. Press the doll’s tummy to set the sounds rolling. Kids feel spellbound hearing the sounds. Did you know that JJ could sing too? Little ones can be surprised picking up songs like ‘Yes, yes vegetables,’ ‘My name,’ and many more, played by JJ, the doll.

You are spared from the troubles of assembling a toy for use. The Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll is ready to be used.

4. A coloring page is paired with the playset

A vibrant and beautifully colored cut-out is included in the packaging. Wondering what’s a cut-out for? It truly is a fun activity for children to participate in and engage in. Nevertheless, the packaging speaks greatly of sustainability as well.

The interactive doll is packed with a bunch of accessories. These include:

A trendy casual shirt for JJ
A pair of shorts to pair up
A modish pair of shoes
A bowl that’s crammed with peas
A spoon for JJ to be fed.


Gift your toddler a Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll this Xmas. Of course, the child will be mesmerized having partnered up with his favorite show character. Having a good time with JJ encourages the kid to stretch its imagination and hone skills that work wonders in the baby’s formative years.

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