Toniebox Starter Set Review

Toniebox Starter Set

Toniebox Starter Set: Are you thinking of an out-of-the-box Christmas gift for your little one? Flipping through the lists of popular toys and new launches? It goes without a saying that toys are undoubtedly a kid’s favorite.

However, the importance of nighttime stories is pretty big in the lives of young children. Worried that storytelling might not be your strong suit?

Unfortunately, kids rely on screens for entertainment. The craze for toys and pixies has seen a dip too. All thanks to the pandemic and an awful year-long lockdown. It is no secret that steering the kids away from the screens is a pressing priority. Buy the Toniebox for your little one this holiday season.

Of course, the Toniebox is not ordinary toy stuff for the kids. It is a fun-to-play, squishy cube that recites stories for the kids. Toniebox plays a mix of songs for the little ones too. Frankly, the Toniebox starter kit is a real deal. You couldn’t get a better gift for your munchkin on Christmas.

Is the Toniebox Starter Kit a smart speaker for the kids?

Little did you know that keeping your sprightly young kid entertained without allowing access to screen time is much possible. Topping the lists of the best kid’s products is certainly the Toniebox starter kit. It plays a bunch of interesting audio content that keeps the little ones hooked and amazed. Toy stories played with cool dialogue kicks and sound effects make the stories intensely gripping for the children.

Are you doubtful that the sound effects are hardly enthralling? Well, Toniebox plays no music or sound effects that are flat and monotonous. Bless your kid with a one-of-a-kind aural experience, guaranteed by the Toniebox. The stories and audio contents are rich and quite rivetting for the young ones too. Keeping the kids away from screens is easier done than thought. Toniebox is a smart speaker and rightly, a perfect Christmas present for the little munchkin.

Putting the Toniebox into use – is it easy?

Wondering if playing the Toniebox is hassle-free and easy for the kids? Do you ask yourself a similar question when you are buying LEGO as a present for a child? No! With the Toniebox starter kit too, all your baby needs is a Tonie to kick-start the speaker.

Trying to figure what a Tonie refers to? A Tonie is a hand-painted sculpted figure. Of course, a Tonie is a beautiful collectible. Describing the Tonies as fancy audio characters might be appropriate. Pop the Tonie on the Toniebox and a bunch of stories relevant to the character (or Tonie) runs as playback.

For example:

Have you got a pretty mermaid as Tonie? Once the Mermaid has been placed on the speaker, gripping mermaid stories and music start playing.

Not all kids have an impressive attention span, right? Getting presents for a frisky and hyperactive kid is challenging. Don’t torch your nerves thinking of presents, best fit for your sprightly little one. A Toniebox keeps the bubbly kids hooked.

Stories work wonders for children. From lullabies to a very riveting narration of The Lion King, a Toniebox fascinates the young ones. The smart speaker is very much a plaything too. Thinking how? Well, press Tonie’s ears, and a kid could toggle with the sounds. Need a switch in track? Just tap the Tonie on the sides! What more do you want?

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