Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle Review


Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle : Pokemon toys sell out like hotcakes, almost any day of the year. Don’t you agree? With Xmas ringing near, the Pokeman toys will fly off the shelves in a bat’s eye.

Getting hands on the Pokemon cards is very much out of the question.

Why just the cards? A handful of Pokemon products are big hits and are snapped out in a blink of an eye. Wondering if there’s a coveted Pokemon plaything this year?

Of course, there is! The Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle is hot in the markets.

Do your child fancy stacking up the popular Pokemon cards? Don’t shy away from bagging in the Double Battle Deck. You can win hands on two exclusive decks of cards.

Kids battling out friends over cards is easier done than thought. A set of two foil cards and shiny metallic coins are also included in the playset.

The Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle has a bunch of complimentary play accessories to make indulging in games an interesting affair.

Things to know about the deck bundle

Trading the Pokemon cards and participating in a face-off with close friends is a cakewalk with double decks. The decks are each a bunch of 60 valuable cards.

Wondering what’s in the Pokemon stand?

The playkit is a Pokemon exclusive Victini versus Gardevoir. You will never run out of chance with the Battle Double Deck. To help the players play with flair and strike well, exclusive trainer cards are added to the decks.

Is there more in the card set?

Buying the Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle is worth the price for all good reasons. Two sets of card decks are the only impressive feature in the plaything. It is paired with a ton of accessories like:

  • Metallic coins
  • Playmats
  • Boxes for the decks
  • Damage counters.

Need help to sharpen your techniques? Exclusive guides and reference cards are included in the pack to brush the techniques in players. Try your hand in one set of Pokemon V first. Once you have mastered making strides as Victini V, switch up and give the Gardevoir V a shot too. Isn’t it cool to have a clear picture of how things stand on the other side?

There are strategies unfolded to help players battle out with finesse

Bumping into the odds is quite common in games. The Pokemon Double Battle Deck is no exception. Struggling to think of new strategies?

Well, the kit includes two very useful guides, spilling beans on strategies that steer the players on an easy street.

Gardevoir V vs Victini V – what else are you guaranteed to score in the pack of decks?

It is clearly mentioned that the Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle is not just two packs of cards. Of course, you may be excited to have access to 60 cards of Victini V and Gardevoir V each.

But, the trainer cards included along with the decks are a valuable addition to the set. Players can reap the benefits of as many as 8 crucial trainer cards.

The pack ropes in a special code card for players eager to try their hands in the Pokemon card trade games online.

Don’t you think buying the Pokemon Double Battle Deck Bundle as early as possible is a good idea?

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