LOL Surprise OMG Sports Cheer Diva Competitive Cheerleading Fashion Doll Review


Cheerleading Fashion Doll: Trying to spot a winning Christmas gift for your princess? Buy the Sports Cheer Diva for your young one. Not sure what a Cheer diva is all about?

It is certainly the first-ever trendy fashion doll, launched by LOL Surprise. Little did you know that the fashion doll is also a unique and priced collectible.

The Cheer Diva is in-vogue and truly a spirited star. Little girls love getting hands on pretty dolls. Do not shy away from placing your order for the LOL Surprise OMG Sports Cheer Diva Competitive Cheerleading Fashion Doll.

If you are not aware of it already, the doll sells out faster than the hotcakes.

Details that are not worth a miss

Wondering why the buzz about the Sports Cheer Diva Fashion Doll? It is quite easy to spot dolls that are beautiful. Well, the Cheer Diva is unlike the ordinary. She is a rockstar in the world of LOL Surprise.

Not only is her features picture-perfect and breathtaking, Cheer Diva is a fashion icon with an unbeatable spirit. The doll celebrates victory with an O-M-G!

Did you think that unboxing the Sports Cheer Diva is run-of-the-mill? Absolutely not! Unpacking the box is an exciting experience for your young one.

There are oodles of accessories, garment bags, doll stand, and whatnot. But, the most delightful feature of the box is something different. The package is reusable and opens up into a pretty playset. Surprising, right?

Cheer Diva exclusive features:

  1. Cheer Diva is fiery and zealous. She comes out heroing strength and is vying with the heart of a champion.
  2. The star doll is eye-catching with lustrous, pretty hair, and features no less of a show stopper.
  3. Open up the box only to get hands on 20 awesome surprises.
  4. The Sports Cheer Diva is pretty flexible. She can wrap up quite a few poses. Also, detaching the hands of the doll is easy. Dressing the Diva is a cakewalk. The re-fixable hands make the job easy-peasy.
  5. Accessories boxed along with the fashion doll are a steal. Kids love hanging out with playsets that can be morphed and put to use, as per their likes. The fashion doll is a perfect fit. Sparkly accessories are way too many to juggle and play with. Kids can go all crazy and creative with their Cheer Diva playset.
  6. Did you know that a magazine paper comes bagged with the doll? Thinking what’s the point of having a collectible magazine paper? Well, it spills the beans on Cheer Diva’s favorites. For instance, moves that she loves, scores of events, and other deets.
  7. Unboxing the package will blow your kid’s mind. It is only common to stash the box as trash, after the doll and the accessories have been unveiled, right? Well, opening up the LOL Surprise OMG Sports Cheer Diva Competitive Cheerleading Fashion Doll is not an end to unpacking affair. The box can be utilized well as a complete playset. Smart, right? There’s a dressing room and tons of other knick-knacks that make the package truly rewarding for the kids.

Hoarding gifts for Christmas is a piece of pie if you start shopping early. Buy the LOL Surprise OMG Sports Cheer Diva Competitive Cheerleading Fashion Doll as soon as you can to ditch the risks of not finding one at all.

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