Extension Board with 4 Universal Sockets |4.3 / 5 stars | 71 ratings | FREE delivery Buy on Amazon


Extension Board with 4 Universal Sockets |4.3 / 5 stars | 71 ratings | FREE delivery Buy on Amazon

  • Universal Sockets : 4 Universal Socket design will allow you to plug devices from multiple countries- flat, round, square or angled. The Child-Proof safety Shutters ensure accidental insertion of objects when the socket is not in use.The distance between the sockets is optimal to insert bulky & broad plugs.
  • 3 USB Ports – Allow for 2.4A Max Current /12W : Connect upto 3 devices that require USB charging & 4 additional devices that need AC power. All-in-1 Surge Protector & Extension board with USB charging.
  • Connected Devices Fully Protected : With 350J & 10,000Amps max Surge & Spike Protection this extension board clamps down on voltage surges & spikes in less than 1 nano second reponse time- thereby protecting all connected devices adequately.Safety First : The Power is delivered through a long & heavy duty 2m/6.5ft Long BIS Approved Power cable with 6A plug. The 2m long cable also makes it easily accessible & convenient.
  • High Capacity : 2500W power Handling Capacity allows you to connect everyday appliances like Desktops, Monitors, laptops, printers, smartphones, small personal & kitchen appliances & gadgets at home or in the office. Total handling power capacity is 2500W Max
  • Made of Superior Materials : 100% Copper Inside & Fire Retardant PC Material on the outside – this surge protector cum extension board is designed for safety.Warranty : 18 Months warranty against any manufacturing defects. Please call or mail to our support centre info provided on the packaging or on our brand website. Reach us 24×7 via social media. SCAN THE QR CODE IN THE BOX TO ACTIVATE THE WARRANTY & GET EXTRA 3 MONTHS WARRANTY

Surge Shield Surge Protector & Spike Guard 350J Extension Board with 4 Universal Sockets

2500W + 3 USB Ports+2m/6.5ft Heavy Duty Cable+Master Switch Power Strip for Home&Office

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