TOZO T10-L and Dual USB Charging for T10 True Bluetooth Earbuds [Black] Part L


Price: $22.99
(as of Mar 10, 2020 14:06:03 UTC – Details)

If you have R and L earbuds, but still want to use only one headset: Please make sure the other one of the headphones have been turn off.
If you have R and L earbuds, please reset the two earbuds before enjoying both both earbuds at a same time.
There are 3 steps for the reset steps: –1– Before reset, please delete the ALL TOZO Bluetooth records at your phone (include [TOZO-T10-L] and [TOZO-T10-R]), then turn off the Bluetooth at your phone.
–2– The two earbuds have to reset at a same time.
Make sure both two earbuds have been turn off, then press both earbud`s button at a same time and hold for 15 Seconds until purple light flash twice, reset done.) –3 – After reset done, please press both two earbuds for 3 seconds to turn on both earbuds, then you can turn on your phones Bluetooth and connect the new [TOZO-T10-R] at your phone again.
Note: If the phone claim “Connection Unsuccessful”, please delete all related Bluetooth records on your phone, then click to research and connect it again.


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