Bang and Olufsen Vs. Mpow 059 Comparison, Specifications & Reviews

Bang and Olufsen Vs. Mpow 059 Comparison, Specifications & Reviews

Bang and Olufsen Vs. Mpow 059 Comparison, Specification & Reviews

When it comes to talking about headphones and look forward to the brands occupying a place in the market, the list is so long.

There is no doubt that every brand promotes their headphones like the way that this is one of the best ones to choose but certain pros and cons at its related to every product.

If you are among those who want to place an order for headphones and not sure which one to choose, you have landed on the right page.

Here I will be going to review two products that I personally use, and this will let you understand that why these are the best ones to choose and why you can avoid them.

I will be going to discuss Bang and Olufsen headphones and mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones. Let’s get started so that you can easily make a choice.

Bang and Olufsen headphones

Bang and Olufsen headphones are among those ones which not only ensure quality but also promise to deliver an ultimate experience.

It is quite astonishing to note that each and every product from them is having a different feature available which makes it a must-try.

I have purchased the Beoplay E8 premium truly wireless Bluetooth earphones from the list of Bang and Olufsen headphones merchandise, and I must say this product is ultimate. Specifications which I personally like include:-Bang and Olufsen headphones

No Strings Attached

It comes up with advanced 4.2 Bluetooth Technology with DSP for sound tuning, equalization, and gain. Not even a single string is attached, and these are really very comfortable to wear. No nuisance will be created while using it.

Control on the earbuds

Every person wants to control the music they are playing, and sometimes the earbuds let them face difficulties because they can’t operate them. But this one, I must say, the control is up to the mark, and I just fell in love with it. I can easily control music, calls, and volume as well.

High-quality streaming

It comes up with high-quality audio streaming technology that offers greater connectivity and Limited dropouts between two earbuds. It is occupied with near field magnetic induction technology, which is used in all the hearing instruments and responsible for transmitting sound from one earphone to the other. This is first class, and I must say that makes it a must-buy.

Battery backup

Talking about the battery backup, after charging it for 20 minutes, you will be going to have a 12-hour backup. For 12 hours, there will be no need for you to charge it again.

I was traveling from one place to another, and I was not sure about the charging and in a hurry, just put it for charging for 10 minutes, and it lasts for almost 7 hours.

Other features

Winding it up along with some other features which I personally like include the premium comfort, signature sound, and the luxurious leather charging case available with it.

There will be no trouble for you when wearing them for a longer duration, and these look quite classy as well. I used to wear them every time except the sleeping time and that moment when they are on charge.

The second product I will be going to review is mpow 059 Bluetooth headphone with also marking the place in my list. The major reason I chose this one because of its design and all the additional features. Let’s explore them:’



Model Number


Bluetooth Version



33 feet (10 meters)

Music/Talking Time

100 hours

Battery Capacity


Charging Time

3-4 hours



Form Factor

Over Ears

Output Mode




Frequency Response

20 Hz


98 dB


30 Ohm

Charging Voltage


Packing List

1x Mpow Bluetooth Headset

1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

1x USB Charging Cable

1x Packing Bag

1x User Manual

  • Good battery life
  • Efficient control scheme
  • Affordable to Buy
  • Brilliant Headphones Design
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Poor Noise Isolation
  • Plasticky build quality
  • The microphone can only be used in Wireless Mode

HiFi stereo sound

I am among those who don’t like any disturbance when stepping into my zone, and these headphones are truly amazing for delivering the same experience.

These are engineered with 40mm drivers, which are known to offer HiFi stereo sound for a commendable experience.mpow 059 Bluetooth headphone

Stable and quick connection

Talking about the connectivity, it is integrated with Bluetooth 5.0, which makes it an Ultimate choice. I can easily connect from Windows, iOS to Android without having any second thought.

When I want to connect them with my laptop or PC, the option is there. The range offered by it is almost 33 feet which is sufficient for me to have an extraordinary experience.

Voice assistant available

How can I forget mentioning about the voice assistant available in it? It allows me to play my favorite song, text my any of the friend and much more.

I just need to double press the MFB to activate the voice assistant, and then it worked as I won’t.

There is no need for me to disconnect it and check out for the connection I want to connect.

Battery backup

When it is about understanding the battery backup, then after charging it completely, I can utilize it for 60 hours continuously. It delivers 60 hours of music which is just amazing.

There is no need for me to put it on charging again and again and feel uncomfortable just because the battery backup is not good. Within 60 hours, I put it on charging for once and then enjoy.


When purchasing headphones, usually people have a card that the design will be quite uncomfortable.

But I am sure that with mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones, the same question will not be there at all because these are quite comfortable to wear, and there will be no need for me to keep them aside at all.

I can simply wear them for a longer duration without having any second thought about the pain or any other factor.

So here I have shared a review of the two most acceptable earbuds and headphones for you. If you are looking forward to investing money in the right one, these two are the best to choose.

Don’t invest money unnecessarily and without getting onto the features because if you have done so, it appears to be a waste of every single penny you are investing.

In case there is any problem arising, do not forget to check out the complete review to make yourself available at every factor related to it.

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