Top 5 Earbud Headphones above $500

Top 5 Earbud Headphones above $500

1. Audeze LCDi3 Headphones

The new LCDi3 offers sonic improvements while offering Bluetooth, Lightning, AND standard 3.5mm connectivity included, The outer Magnesium housing and grill design reduces unwanted resonance, thus improving resolution. Additionally, we improved comfort and fit with our new offset ear hooks and new design Ear Fins. It includes Bluetooth 5.0 (with AptX HD), Lightning, and standard audio cables.

Borrowing from the award-winning LCDi4 design, the LCDi3 features a cast magnesium housing with an open back design for greater transparency and deep, clean bass extension.

The low impedance driver leverages our patented Uniforce voice coil and Fluxor magnet technologies to achieve the highest dynamic range of any in-ear, pushing up to 130dB with no audible distortion. The LCD-i3’s dynamic and engaging musical presence is matched only by its versatility.

High-Resolution Wireless Audio

The Audeze CIPHER Bluetooth Module comes included with every LCD-i3. Programmed with Audeze’s proprietary DSP and native support for Bluetooth 5.0, AptX, and AptX HD, the CIPHER Bluetooth Module delivers low latency 24-bit wireless audio that has been optimized for even the most discerning ear.

Customizable Comfort

Our brand new Ear Fins are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit within the concha bowl of the ear. For those that prefer the traditional iSINE fit, our redesigned Ear Hooks now curve inward along the back of the ear to ensure a superior fit for ears of all shapes and sizes.

Connection Versatility

Our CIPHER Lightning Cable, Bluetooth Module, and 3.5mm standard cable is included with every LCDi3 purchase. All CIPHER devices come preloaded with our proprietary DSP to provide an optimized audiophile listening experience with both wired and wireless connections.

Custom low-resonance Magnesium frame

The LCDi3 shares the special low-resonance Magnesium frame of the top-of-the-line LCDi4. Advantages are both greater rigidity for better bass and cleaner midrange response.

Audeze LCDi3 Headphones with Bluetooth Cable
  • Designed to give the user a truly wide and accurate...
  • Includes Bluetooth 5.0 cable with aptX HD and standard...
  • New design Ear Fins and offset Ear Hooks improve...
  • Weighing 12 grams per side, the headphones come with a...

2. Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth Headphones

Powered by high-end Tesla drivers, the Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth Headphones from Beyerdynamic provide a fascinating spatial and realistic sound. The basses are deep and precise, the mids are full and natural, and the highs are silky and clear.

Unique copper elements adorn the Amiron Wireless Copper Headphones. At the heart of the headphones, the VC utilizes copper elements, which are also made visible on the outside as a design element. This semiprecious metal is used in the form of a copper ring outlined as a decorative seam on the headband and in the serial number.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth wireless technology allows the use of all devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers that also make use of this technology. A range of up to 10 meters allows enough freedom of movement.

The following codecs are used in transmission with Bluetooth: Qualcomm, aptX, aptX HD, Apple AAC, and aptX LL for audio transmission with a minimum delay. If a Bluetooth wireless technology enabled product is not available or the battery is empty, the Amiron wireless can also be used with the supplied connection cable with a mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) and remote control.

Convenient Design for Easy Operation

The headphones are switched on or off via a button. An LED integrated into the button displays the operating status. For conversations, a microphone is integrated with the ear cup. A touchpad on the ear cup is used to control the media playback and calls.

Voice prompts on the battery status also contribute to the ease of operation. The integrated battery itself is charged via the USB port on the right ear cup. When not in use, the Amiron wireless can be stored in the included hard case.

Bundle Includes:

  • Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth Headphones
  • Knox Gear Wooden Headphone Stand (Bamboo Brown)
beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth Headphones with Wooden Stand (Bamboo Brown) Bundle (2 Items)
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper...
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN AND LOOK: The precious metallic look is...
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: The Bluetooth wireless...

3. Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

The premium KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System is an electrostatic earphone and amplifier system with digital-to-analog-conversion (DAC) for use in-line with portable media players. Featuring single-driver electrostatic Sound Isolating earphones matched to a USB digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) that converts analog or digital audio from portable digital or analog audio sources.

The KSE1500 system features a 24 bit/ 96 kHz conversion rate, customizable 4-band parametric EQ with five standards and 4 user-defined settings, rechargeability, and input level meters. Able to process both digital audios directly via micro-USB, analog via a direct line-in, or bypass entirely for a pure analog signal without conversion.

The KSE1500 system defines a new standard of portable listening that brings high-fidelity audio into the mobile demands of today’s active lifestyles.

Included: KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System, USB wall charger, Micro-B-to-Lightning cable, Micro-B OTG Cable, (2) 1/8″ (3.5mm) cables [6″ (15.2 cm) and 36″ (92 cm)], ¼” (6.3mm) adapter, leather carrying case, airline adapter, attenuator, cable clip, (2) security bands, microfiber cleaning cloth.

Introducing the KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System.

Experience a premium listening environment anywhere.

Whether you’re on an international flight or an undisturbed mountaintop, your ears will be enveloped by luxurious audio in a sleek system designed for the most discerning audiophile.

Featuring unprecedented Sound Isolating electrostatic earphones and a matched digital-to-analog amplifier, the KSE1500 means that high-fidelity portable audio is, at last, a reality.

Simply luxurious sound, wherever you are.

The world’s first electrostatic Sound Isolating earphones.

Electrostatic technology provides the fastest, most accurate transient response available. Until now, it has never been applied to Sound Isolating earphones.

Each earphone features a virtually weightless, massless diaphragm surrounded by an electrostatic field generated by back plates that manage charge oscillation. The result is unmatched clarity and detail with an extremely high correlation to the source audio.

Easy monitoring of settings.

Clearly view input source, input level meter, battery level, output volume, and EQ setting from the home screen.

What’s In The Box?

  • KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System
  • USB Wall Charger
  • Micro-B-to-Lightning Cable
  • Micro-B OTG Cable
  • (2) 1/8″ (3.5mm) Cables [6″ (15.2 cm) and 36″ (92 cm)]
  • (6.3mm) Adapter
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • Airline adapter
  • Attenuator
  • Cable Clip
  • (2) Security Bands
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System
  • The first application of electrostatic technology for...
  • Extremely high correlation to the source audio provides...
  • 4-band parametric EQ features five preset settings and...
  • Integrated USB-rechargeable battery can conveniently...
  • Lightweight, ergonomic earphone shape minimizes ear...

4. Westone W80 Eight-Driver True-Fit Earphones

The eight driver W80 makes no compromises in delivering reference level audio by integrating full-size dual bass drivers with dual mid and quad high drivers. The result is an exceptional delivery of extended range and harmonic content that has never been heard in a multi-driver earphone – until the arrival of the W80.

True-fit Technology 60 years of experience designing products for the ear, has resulted in a universal-fit earpiece that is compact, low-profile, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Our proprietary ear-tips enhance the performance of the W80 by ensuring a great fit and seal, right out of the box.

Balanced-armature Drivers Westone’s proprietary balanced-armature drivers provide enhanced sonic detail and frequency range that extends well beyond other in-ear solutions. Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable Powered by Qualcomm aptX HD audio, Westone’s Bluetooth V2 cable is designed for music lovers and tuned to deliver high-resolution audio for a truly amazing wireless listening experience.

Featuring our exclusive MMCX Audio connectors with formed ear hooks, Westone’s Bluetooth Cable V2 is compatible with all Westone in-ear monitors and earphones. Enjoy listening to music and taking calls even longer with our new portable charging dock that extends battery life up to twelve hours between charges. ALO Audio Reference 8 Cable Eight braided silver-plated copper and OCC copper wires deliver intense musical

About this item :

ALO Audio Reference 8 Westone Edition – Bluetooth Cable V2 – 5 Pair Patented STAR Silicone Tips – 5 Pair True-Fit Foam Tips – Exchangeable Metal Faceplates – Premium Deluxe Zippered Carrying Case – Premium Small Zippered Carrying Case – Westone 2 Year Limited Warranty – Original Box

Ideal For: All personal audio and video devices
Sensitivity: 111dB SPL at 1mW
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 22kHz
Impedance: 5 Ohms at 1kHz
Included components: W80 Universal-Fit Earphones ALO Audio Reference 8 Westone Edition Westone Bluetooth Cable V2 5 Pair Patented STAR Silicone Tips 5 Pair True-Fit Foam Tips Exchangeable Faceplates Premium Deluxe Zippered Carrying Case Premium Small Zippered Carrying Case 2 Year Limited Warranty

Westone W80 Eight-Driver True-Fit Earphones with ALO Audio and High-Resolution Bluetooth Cables Gen 2, Black (WST-W80-2019)
  • Ideal For: All personal audio and video devices
  • Sensitivity: 111dB SPL at 1mW
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 22kHz
  • Impedance: 5 Ohms at 1kHz

5. Audio-Technica ATH-IEX1 Hi-Res in-Ear Headphones

Featuring a hybrid multidriver system the ATH-IEX1 in-ear headphones deliver smooth natural sound reproduction across the entire frequency range with the capacity for reproducing.

Hi-Res Audio Contained within the headphones’ solid titanium housings are dual-phase drivers of different diameters (9 8 mm and 8 8 mm) plus two balanced armature drivers positioned on a coaxial line.

The 9 8 mm works as a full-range driver while the 8 8 mm functions as a passive radiator to strengthen the lower frequency Those two units face each other their diaphragm movements syncing to minimize distortion and provide audio that is true to the original sound The balanced armature drivers act like super tweeters to contribute accurate high-frequency reproduction.

The elegant ergonomic housings are crafted through a five-step process They are cut from solid titanium forged machined using a precise CNC machining process carefully hand-polished and given an anodized finish The result is lightweight rigid housings that greatly reduce unwanted resonance for the highest sonic purity and that fit comfortably and securely in the ear.

The two-position ear tip post on each housing allows for customized positioning of the ear tip for an even better fit The headphones are equipped with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) jacks to accommodate the two included 1 2 m (3 9′) detachable cables.

One is a star-quad cable with a standard 3 5 mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug The signal and ground wires are stranded separately for the left and right channels to suppress cross talk and isolate the signal from external noise The second cable is equipped with a 4 4 mm 5-pole balanced plug for use with high-resolution digital audio players and balanced-compatible headphone amplifiers.

Both cables include a titanium plug sleeve to reduce unwanted vibration and are designed to loop comfortably and securely over the ears The ATH-IEX1 headphones come with four sizes of interchangeable silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L) three sizes of Comply foam ear tips (S/M/L) a cleaning cloth and a hard carrying case Each pair is individually identified by a laser-etched serial number

About this item :

Included Components: Headphones, Silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L), Comply foam ear tips (S/M/L), cleaning cloth, and hard carrying case Connectivity Technology: Wired

Audio-Technica ATH-IEX1 Hi-Res in-Ear Headphones, Black, Adjustable
  • Included Components: Headphones, Silicone eartips...
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired


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