yofit Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Valentine’s Day Interesting Creative Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her


Price: $29.99
(as of Feb 12,2020 06:18:38 UTC – Details)

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex: can be used to store your jewelry and other small valuables, also can be used as a prop to the opposite sex (you can write what you want to say into the cryptex) can be used as an ornament, you can regard them as collection, nostalgic goods, the silent password is I LOVE U.
You are free to set your own personal password. Modification methods:
1: There are two arrows on each end of the Cryptex. You need to use the default password to align the arrows and pull your hands out, then you can open the Cryptex.
2: use the disassembled tool to screw out the screws on the Cryptex and take out the collar.
3:Firstly aligning the grooves on the ring to the slots on the Cryptex, and then aligning your password of the cipher letter to the slots,thirdly tightening the screws, finally your password has been modified successfully.

Material: zinc alloy, plated bronze
The default password is I LOVE U, which can be modified without restriction. For example, it can be set to the first letter of the two person’s name, so that the gift is full of love.
Size and weight: the total length is 5.9 inches, the total width is 2.37 inches, the weight is 1.59 pounds, the inner length is 3.15 inches, and the inner width is 1.1 inches.
Accessories: Cryptex one, presentation: a pair of rings, two chains, two lanyard, one ancient card, two dismantling tools and two spare screws,a small storage bag
Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex: it’s a romantic Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day, and birthday gifts. If you want to tell him or her a secret when receiving the gift, you can write it on a small note and put it in the Cryptex.


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