HAT, Hat Styles

10 Classic Hat Styles to Consider Buying

Classic Hat Styles

From centuries people have known how to style their headgears perfectly and to support this statement history has provided us with illustrations and photographs. Before a hat used to be a very important part of clothing for people but now people rarely sport a hat anywhere unless required by the weather conditions. Hats will always remain an important accessory not only it looks stylish but also because you can sport a hat according to your own preference for giving your style a touch of your own. But with so many varieties of hats out there you may get confused, now you must know that if you ever feel like this just go and buy a classic hat. A classic Hat never goes out of fashion. Here are some of the classic hats put together by that you may consider buying.

HAT, Hat Styles

  1. The Bowler Hat

The bowler hat was a very popular hat during the 19th century. The creators of the hat were Thomas and William Bowler. The hat is stiff, rounded dome of a crown with no creasing or pinching and a short brim curled up at the sides. The origin of bowler hat is the working class and the hat is considered less formal than fedora. The hat is famous among the British style which is made prominent by eminent actors such as Charlie Chaplin, John Cleese, and  Curly Howard. Upper, middle and working class preferred this hat all the same.

  1. The Pillbox Hat

This hat was famous for its simplicity. The hat can be identified without any trouble because of its brimless round shape looking like a pillbox. The hat started gaining popularity in the 1930s before reaching its peak with First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s. Even today the hat will do wonders to your formal outfits. All the ladies out there looking for something that will not make them look over the top should go and get one of these hats.

  1. The Deerstalker Hat

The hat made famous by Sherlock Holmes, you have mostly seen this hat on someone who is portraying the character of the Sherlock Holmes. The deerstalker hat has been related to the character since the publication of the book in the 19th century. The deerstalker hat was originally designed for those who stalked deer or moors. But the hat looks stylish and you can opt for this one when you are going outdoors.

  1. The Newsboy Cap

The hat is also acknowledged by the names such as the big apple, the eight panel, the Gatsby etc. this is a floppy brimmed cap. The hat was not only famous among the younger working class but was also worn by men across the social ladder. The newsboy cap was also a common sight at the golf course.

  1. Fedora Hat

When people talk about classic hats the first hat that comes to your mind is a fedora. The fedora is a versatile Hat it can be worn by both men and women. A fedora hat is made up of felt that is pinched at the sides and has a lengthwise crease down the crown. It can be moulded according to the wearer’s preference. The most advantageous feature of fedora hat is that it has a wide and flexible brim. Compared to a stiffer style hat fedora is versatile. Its brim can be pulled down to give a mysterious look or pushed up to have an often look.

  1. Trilby Hat

A trilby hat is often confused with a fedora hat. A trilby is shortened angular fedora and sometimes it is also called crumpled fedora. It has the same shape as that of a fedora but the back is shorter than the front. It can be worn from spring to autumn as it has a taller crown and smaller brim than a fedora hat.

  1. Western Hat

Generally speaking, these hats are high crowned, wide-brimmed hat. The double crown is the most common style in which the felt is stiffened with a crease down the center and a dimple on either side of the crown. Nowadays fine felt cowboy hats are as much in fashion as anything else. They are more manly and less formal than other hats.

  1. Panama Hat

Let us first clear the doubt that Panama hats come from Ecuador, they were brought to Panama to be sold to sailors in the 20th century and the name was then stuck. Most of the Panama hats are shaped like fedora or trilby but instead of made from felt these hats are made from woven palm leaves or straw. The hats are sturdy as they can be rolled or crumpled but will retain their original shape. These hats are ideal for tropical climate.

  1. Beret

A beret is a soft, round flat-crowned hat generally woven, hand knitted, crocheted cotton, wool, felt or acrylic. The berets are associated with France and Spain where its mass production began in the 19th century. You can wear a beret as fashionable French by tilting it to one side or pull it over your head to keep your self warm. Beret can be worn at both the occasions, formal as well as casual.

  1. Boaters Hat

Now a day’s boaters are considered a novelty item but it is still considered appropriate for rowing and regatta events. Boaters are flat top hats with a wide brim. These hats are a perfect alternative to fedoras during summers.

Now when you are in a confused state as to what type of hat to buy you know just the right answer. Classic hats never go out of fashion and to top it all these hats are stylish and add more value to your style statement. Most of the people do not consider hats as a part of their outfit but in truth, an outfit is not complete without a hat. More of like a hat is like a soul to your outfit. The hat brings out your own personal style. So what are you waiting for go grab your classic hat style as soon as you can?

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